I don’t expect anyone will figure out who this is, largely because who cares? People who know me might be able to. Particularly if they recognize the name Slackson.

I’ve decided I should probably start using Slackware, instead of Arch and Debian, so I can pretend that it was the inspiration for this name, rather than just because I felt lazy and concerned for privacy at the time, and thought rhyming it with “Jackson” would throw people off my trail.

I write stuff sometimes. It comes out best as a reply to what someone has said, answering a question or clarifying different perspectives on an issue. I like communicating clearly and with integrity, and try to avoid dishonesty and manipulation where possible.

There are, of course, biases which I would like to overcome, so if anyone spots mistakes in my reasoning feel free to tell me. I’m probably not quite strong enough for Crocker’s Rules yet, but I hope I can become confident enough to be okay with that kind of honesty soon enough.

You must have better things to be doing. You shouldn’t have read this far in the first place. Get back to procrastination you can at least pretend is productive.


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